VA Loan

New to San Diego?  Check out your housing allowance, this is tax free and used for loan qualifying.

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With the recent correction in real estate prices, the VA loan is more important than ever in getting current and retired military personnel into a home of their own.  You can borrow up to $527,500 with no down payment and up to $1,000,000 with a small down payment and no private mortgage insurance!  Most Realtors and lenders don’t really understand VA loans and working with inexperienced individuals can cost you the home of your dreams!  I have closed hundreds of VA loans and work with agents who understand how to write VA offers that get accepted.  We close in less than 30 days and most VA buyers even get their deposit back.

Don’t believe the myths, here are the facts about today’s VA loans closing with Mann Mortgage, LLC:

Loans take too long– That was true 5 years ago!  A direct lender, like Mann Mortgage, LLC, has designated authority to approve a VA loan without sending the file to VA. This means it can close in 30 days like any other loan.

VA loans are expensive– VA rates and costs are very competitive and carry no PMI, even with zero down payment!  This saves you hundreds of dollars each month.  With seller paid closing costs, your up front investment can be zero, this is called a VA NO NO.  Rates are as good or better than other programs.

VA appraisers require repairs– VA will require a termite clearance and  health and safety issues to be repaired prior to closing, just like any other loan program.  Items like broken glass and exposed wires will need to be repaired.  You can buy a fixer-upper, just make sure it’s cosmetic or negotiate with the seller for potential repairs. An experienced agent can point out potential repairs and incorporate those into your offer.

With your Certificate of Eligibility and a preapproval from a direct lender, you are ready to go out and find your perfect home using your VA benefits.  You served your country and deserve this terrific benefit to secure your family’s future! Call Glenda Meyer at 619.246.5525 today  to find out more about buying your next home with your VA benefits!